Handmade brand

The beauty of flowers

Every single flower in the world has its own beauty. They are on earth in a myriad of colors, patterns, shapes and styles. Even the smallest petal can leave you in wonder, if you choose to see.

People are just like flowers, true individuals with their own vibe, story and style, each inspiring in their own way.

Be yourself

Let’s imagine a world where you don’t worry what other people think about you. A world where you can speak freely about your feelings, ideas… A world where you do whatever job you want to do, you love whoever you want to love, you choose the style of clothes and accessories you want to wear…

We believe that if you can truly be yourself, it has a positive effect on your life and everyone around you. It’s a ripple effect.

 Being yourself will lead to more confidence, you will feel prettier and freer, you will attract your tribe of people, you will be happy. It’s just like magic. 

Be authentic and create your own harmony

We create small collections and one of a kind pieces based on the never ending beauty of flowers and the individual style of people. The reason we exist is to create your dream accessories, so you can express yourself and show your true personality.

At Moniëlle we love the modern eclectic style, because you can truly make it your own. In our designs we use a mix of materials, like leather, sterling silver, gold, sequins, wood, vintage beads, semi-precious stones, glass beads, coco beads, decorative hand stitching, weaving, hand printing…

With a Moniëlle product you are selecting a unique and handcrafted accessory to create your own harmony.

If you are ready for accessories that are one of a kind and created just for you, go to the custom order page and send us a message.

Let’s cocreate the accessories of your dreams!  

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