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We are Monique and Steffie, mother and daughter, and together we are the creative team of Moniëlle. We’ve created this blog post to tell you a little bit more about how it all began! and why?

As long as we can remember we have always been busy creating things.

As a child I (Steffie) could just be quiet for hours and draw, paint, make collages… you name it.
My very first box of beads is also engraved on my memory.
50 shades of blue beads in combination with the most colorful sequins. It was just a joy to see and play with!

My mother was also very creative from an early age on.
At the age of 7 she made her first doll clothes from fabric out of old sample books, which a friend of the family would bring especially for her.

We also remember the joy which was associated with the creative process.
And in hindsight, also the limitlessness of a child’s creativity, and especially, the no boundaries part…


Through the years we both followed several workshops to expand our creative skills. We also took our chances to follow 2 courses together and survived :-).
We took a 3-year class in jewelry making in Kortrijk and a 4-year course maroquinerie in Lokeren.
In the final year of the maroquinerie course we had the chance to make a mini-collection. We both love plants and flowers, so it wasn’t difficult to choose a theme.
I opted to work around the theme ‘seed boxes’ and Monique chose flowers in Art Nouveau.


By learning to work with leather and by experimenting with different techniques and textures for the mini-collection, we were triggered to think about what other accessories we could create. That is how the decorative leather pillow collection came to life!

When you create leather accessories you have a lot of leather scraps. We’ve been collecting the leather remnants since we started with the course and I’ve used them as a base to make my yearly portfolio’s. Now we are experimenting to create something new with the scraps, so that the beautiful materials don’t go to waste.
Updates about this project will also be communicated here on the blog!

Why did we start Moniëlle?

During a difficult time in our lives, we could ‘only’ fall back on a handful of good friends, our love for nature & flowers and especially being creative whenever possible.

It’s very cliché, but I’m going to say it anyway: life can be beautiful, but also very though. We’ve learned that no matter how hard it may seem, you need to appreciate the little things and give meaning to your day.

When life goes wrong, often something unexpected can happen and a beautiful thing can rise from it. That something ‘new’ has resulted in the creation of our brand ‘Moniëlle’.

Being creative makes us happy and we want to share that happiness with our customers through our collection of leather lifestyle and home accessories.

Furthermore, I’ve always aspired a career in something creative, but the timing was never just right. My mother is also very passionate to create new things. So now it was the perfect opportunity to combine our forces and to just go for it.

What do we make and who do we design for?

We design handmade leather interior and lifestyle accessories for the modern eclectic individual. We are inspired by the never-ending beauty of flowers. Sometimes that is translated in full-on flower parts, and other times just in some details. You can read more about our brand on the website.


You can shop our mini-collections online here or contact us for a custom-made accessory.

If you have any questions, remarks or you just want to say hi, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below this article or to send us an e-mail. 

Hope to hear from you soon.
Steffie and Monique


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