I wanted to share the story behind our ‘Gerbera print collection’.
The seed for one of the first products we made for Moniëlle, the ‘IN BLOOM’ collection, was planted a couple of years ago.

First of all, you have to know that nature, plants and flowers in particular, are our main source of inspiration. We love the variety in colour, pattern, shapes and intricate details. We’ve always loved flowers and we feel that they have the power to brighten up one’s day. The Gerbera flower was our main source of inspiration for a mini-collection of home acessories.

The beginning

These pictures are close-ups of my sketchbook / mixed-media book. I was reading about techniques on how to print on paper and fabric.
Not long after, I made the first imprint in my sketchbook by using an actual Gerbera flower. And from there the experiments began.

Cirkles of Hope

After a while, I even made a couple of paintings with these imprints to decorate our home. Below you can see the painting, ‘cirkles of hope’, with printed Gerberas in different hues of blue and grey.

Acrylic painting in different shades of blue gerbera flowers.


Since we are fond of mixing materials, textures and mixed-media, the idea popped up to print the Gerbera on fabric.
Meanwhile we were in the middle of the 4th year of our maroquinerie training. In the final year of this training, you have the chance to create a mini-collection around a certain theme. Of course, we both chose flower themes :-).
During the designing phase the Gerbera print popped up again. Therefore, I was sure I needed to do something extra with it.

In short, after a lot of trial and error and combining the right materials, we were able to create a printing technique which leaves a fine print with a lot of detail. And so the pillow collection ‘In Full Bloom’ was born! 🙂

Create your own HARMONY

Did you know that you can combine leather pillows easily with fabric pillows?
We searched for the perfect fabric to use for the back of the pillows, and to make matching fabric pillows to create that perfect combination.
The mix of materials and textures makes it that much more interesting.
To make a fresh composition, add a beautiful flower pot and some plants on a vintage cupboard.

The leather pillows are available in 2 varieties and in different colours. You can shop the decorative pillows here.
We hope you like this mini-collection as much as we do!

What do you think about combining materials with different textures?
Let us know your thoughts on this below the article.

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