Our values

Customer service

We want to provide a personalized service to our customers so they can enjoy their handmade products to the fullest. You can go to our contact page or custom order page if you have a question about a product in the webshop or you would like a custom made product. 

Luxury & quality

All the leathers we use are in compliance with the REACH regulation. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment.

Our leather is sourced mostly in Italy and has the ICEC UNI EN 16484 certificate. 

➡️ 100% certified ‘Made in Italy’

➡️ Traceability of the skins

➡️ Full control of the production process

 The tanneries that we work with are a member of ‘The Leather Working Group’ and have these certificates as well: EPD14025 and ISO/TS14076. In short this means that they do a lot of efforts in terms of sustainability, the environment, CO2 footprint etc.

We finish everything with an eye for detail to create luxurious and long lasting  products.

Slow fashion

For us slow fashion means that:

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  • We make limited series and ‘made to order‘ pieces to reduce oversupply.
  • We will release individual pieces or series during the year as we make them. We are not bound to the fashion seasons (but we are aware of the trends and colors).
  • All the Moniëlle accessories are handmade by us in our atelier in Belgium in good social conditions.
  • We source our materials mostly in Europe and try to work with companies that work as sustainable as possible (companies which focus on being even more sustainable in the future by investing in research and development).
  • We are looking into other materials to add to our collection.
  • We support the principle of buying less, but more qualitative pieces. Accessories that you can love and cherish.




We make our products with a lot of passion. We like to create handmade products that are beautiful and carefully made.

All our designs are based on the never ending beauty of flowers. We are inspired by their colors, patterns, shapes and intricate details. We want to translate the glory and luxury of flowers into our handcrafted pieces.

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